Sharon Bliss, Owner
I love books. I've always said that I'd love to own a bookstore, but I knew I couldn't - and wouldn't want to - compete with the major stores. Then, while volunteering at a school used book sale, I discovered that there's a market for used books. I found a way to combine my love of books with helping others, through both fundraising and donations, and Book Bliss Online was born!
'As a professional organizer, I am often charged with getting rid of unwanted books. Sharon is my secret weapon! We schedule an appointment, she comes to the clients' house, pays CASH for the books, and takes them ALL away! It's a win-win scenario in every way.'

Eileen LaGreca
Sensational Spaces, LLC
'A good percentage of my clients are bibliophiles with overwhelming collections of books. In the moths since I found Sharon's business, I have recommended her book-buying services to at least four of my clients. They have been immensely satisfied with her service (5-stars!!), which has been a huge benefit to my business.'

Yvette Gluck
Lighten Up! Organizers
'Sharon is responsive to book lovers' needs and interests. She has been able to identify new homes for my old books - always a concern for those reluctant to part with books with personal value. Her customer focus and personal touch make her a bookseller you will want to deal with.'

Michael C.
What kind of books are you looking for?
Non-fiction books, and the more serious and/or niche the subjects, the better the potential.
Do you take any other genres?
If you have a large collection of science fiction, I might be interested in buying it all as a lot, especially if you have complete trilogies or sets.
Do you buy anything other than books?
Yes. I buy used or new books, DVDs, and CDs. Please keep in mind that DVDs and CDs have gone down in value over the last few years.
Is there a minimum number of books you are willing to buy?
There has to be a minimum quantity of non-fiction in order to make the trip worthwhile for me, probably 2-3 boxes worth of books. I’m based in Alexandria, so if I have to go far to get to you, it’s better if there are more books.
How far will you drive?
My range is as far west as Leesburg, as far south as Fredericksburg, anywhere in DC, and all of Montgomery County in MD. Of course, to go to the farther edges of that territory, the collection should be good sized.
Will you buy Encyclopedias?
No, unfortunately, encyclopedias have no resale value anymore. In fact, I really can't even donate encyclopedias.
What condition is too bad?
Of course, I'm looking for books in good to very good condition. I can't do anything with books that have water damage, mold, or torn pages and bindings. I can use some books with torn dust jackets, but the value is far lower than a book with an intact dust jacket. The same is true if the dust jacket is missing. Also, I can't take books from a smoker's home. Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to get the smell of the smoke out of the books.
Is there a limit to the amount you will take away?
If you choose to pay for me to haul away the books I can’t use, I can take any number of boxes, but I can fit 24 bankers’ boxes in my car in a trip. A second trip for hauling above that might entail a small surcharge.
What books bring the most money?
The books that bring in the most money are almost always non-fiction books. Any non-fiction genre has potential, including history, religion, philosophy, etc. There is really no way to predict what specific book will have high value. The better the condition of the book, the more likely it will have value. Beyond that, it depends on the individual book, and how well it's selling at that particular point. Textbooks can be very good, within about 5 years of publication. Unfortunately, fiction has no resale value.
What are your best selling books?
I sell a lot of history and religion books, books on legal subjects -really whatever comes my way. Textbooks are good, but only within about 5 years of publication.
Do you sell other products like games or toys?
I do, but only new ones, not used. If you have unopened games and toys you'd like to clear out, I'd be happy to look at them as well.
Do you sell antique books?
No, antique and collectible books aren't my niche. I can refer you to an appraiser, if you'd like, but I don't deal in them myself.
Do you sell magazines?
No, I don't.
What do you do with damaged books?
If books are too damaged to be donated, I have to recycle them. Unfortunately, there's really nothing that can be done with them.
My books smell funny, what should I do with them?
If they smell of mold or smoke, there's really nothing much to do with them. It's very hard, if not impossible, to get those smells out of books.
Do you take books written in languages other than English?
Most other languages don't have a great market here. Spanish books can sell sometimes, but most other languages are not great. They can be donated though.
Do you take children's books?
I take children’s books for donation. The resale value for children’s books is usually very low. But, if they’re in good condition, I often donate children's books to organizations that give them directly to kids whose families can’t afford them.
How much can I expect to make per book?
That depends on the books. There is no specific sum per book. Payment is based on a combination of current sales prices, past sales prices, the number of competing offers for that particular book, condition, and how long I expect the book to sit on the shelf before it sells.
Will you take all my books?
Yes, I will take all your books, for a small fee per box, if you need to get them out of the house. Any books I can’t use I will donate.
How quickly can I get the estimate?
I will normally give you an estimate, pay you, and haul away all the books the same day. If it requires multiple trips, we'll have to figure out another date that works for both of us.
Will you do consignment? So I might get more for the books?
I don’t do consignment; I prefer to buy the books outright. That way you get the money immediately, and it’s simpler for both of us.
If you were to find a book of exceptional value how would you handle it?
First, I'd have a party. But seriously, I have resources I can use to check the value of special books, if necessary.
What do you do with the books?
I sell books on, and occasionally on eBay. Any books I collect that I can’t use, I donate. During the school year, I donate a lot of books to school book sales, when I find them. Otherwise, I donate most of the books to the library. Children’s books in good condition will often be donated to organizations that give the books directly to children whose families can’t afford to buy books.
Why do you do this?
I love books. I always said that I'd love to have a book store, but that's not practical today. The idea for this business began when I was working at a school book sale. I saw book sellers come in and buy lots of books. At that point I realized that there was actually potential for a business selling books. I started the business in the spring of 2011, and have never looked back!